• Volume 6

22:55, Saturday.
22:55, Saturday.
  • Russian writer Oleg Sivun ponders the chaos of constant technological seductions, and how to survive it
  • Genderless nipples: what to do about the unequal nudity policies of Instagram
  • Riga shopkeepers Dite Jurcāne and Armen Nacherian on sleeping in the shop, and the value of a seller's honesty
  • Graphic designer Sasha Ushakov welcomes you to his office in a 100-year-old water tower
  • Why is there a plastic bag full of plastic bags in every Latvian household?
  • And art for art's sake: Conformists and non-conformists in Soviet Latvia


Bilingual (English / Latvian) with a side of Russian.
140 mm x 200 mm.
Full color. Perfect bound. Open spine for easy reading.
288 pages.
Printed by PNB Print near by Riga, Latvia.

On the cover:
Art Days in Riga, April 1978. Photography by Gunārs Janaitis.