• Volume 5

Almost by the exit.
Almost by the exit.
  • The moss green chapter …where it’s OK to be sad, especially in autumn. A girl confesses liking people who take notes. Another girl draws a home of her lifetime.
  • The Volkswagen blue chapter …where we meet a marketing professor who has never owned a mobile phone. Then there’s a German man who interviews celebrities and discovers a long-lost film.
  • The brass chapter …is where we get behind an orchestra and learn that they too are only people. Also, a 65-year-old motorbike connoisseur almost breaks his neck.
  • The battleship gray chapter …is home for the courageous. A Latvian graphic artist speaks his mind while some get naked and intimate about their scars.
  • The old gold chapter …in which it is the 1930s and a bunch of street photographers make history happen. Then a guy recollects his sentiment of the almost lost art of VHS tapes.
  • The ivory white chapter …is reserved for ladies who are eager to understand. A Latvian looks at herself in Japan while a curious design student dissects the collective memory.


Bilingual (English / Latvian).
170 mm x 240 mm.
Full color on uncoated paper complimented with two surprise insets. Perfect bound. Open spine for easy reading.
208 pages.
Printed by PNB Print near by Riga, Latvia.

Cover illustration by Agrita Krievina.
On the cover Christoph Amend, editor in chief of ZEITmagazin & Latvian poet Rainis.